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Robert Chenciner: Madder Red - A History of Luxury and Trade

Artikel Nr.: 992403

hardcover, 384 pages, b/w-illustrations


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Robert Chenciner: Madder Red - A History of Luxury and Trade

hardcover, 384 pages, b/w-illustrations

In this study, the etmology, botany and history of madder from 3000 BC to the present day are complented by histories of dyeing wool, cotton and silk as well as the development of pigment. Walden-like accounts of its cultivation in the 19th century Caucasus in particular are compared with the artifice of world leaders at the time in Holland and France – just one example of how the story of madder mirrors the historic rivalry between Europe and the Orient. Descriptions of the processing of the profitable root into its various pow- der forms and its adulteration, detailed profit and loss calculations and a quantitative economic history of the 19th century madder boom all help create the grist of a vibrant study of what once was a major world commoditiy.

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