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Kremer Pigmente offers Raw Materials for Art & Conservation, historic and modern pigments, mediums, binders, dyes, vegetable color paints, oils, brushes, tools, linen, books and many more.
Take a trip through the colored pages and explore the forgotten treasures of the old masters.

“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.” 
(Dr. Georg Kremer)

*New Spring News from the Color-Mill 2018!

We present new pigments, gilding products and more highlights in the field of oil, varnish and dye.
Be inspired by our spring news and immerse yourself in the world of colorful pigments and new opportunities for working techniques.

Here you can find the list of all new products.

Product Catalogue 2017 in English

Discover the variety of the individual products and immerse yourself in the world of Kremer Pigmente!  Among many product information you can find lots of helpful knowledge in Chapter 11: Hazard Warnings, Recipes or Suitability of Pigments.
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Set: Ultramarine

35 pigments in 10 ml glasses, in a wooden box

Until the beginning of the 19th century, Ultramarine Blue was a prized luxury product due to its extensive production process from the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli and obtained according to old recipes. Even today, the natural pigment ultramarine („azzurum ultramarinum“ = „blue from across the seas“) is as precious as gold.

Ultramarine is famous for its characteristic bright, deep blue color. From a physical point of view, ultramarine blue is positioned at the far short-wave end of the color spectrum, leaning towards the violet side of blue. The closer the color gets to the end of the visible spectrum, the darker it seems. Reproductions in books and photographs usually fail to convey the appearance and quality of ultramarine blue.

Available under Ordernumber #14260.

All new single ultramarines can be found under the category New Products.

Kremer Pigmente on international Trade Fairs

Kremer Pigmente take part on many international meetings and trade fairs for art, culture and conservation.

Salon international du Patrimoine Culturel

25. - 28. October 2018, Paris, France

We are looking forward to meeting you.

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