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About us

Vermilion, Smalt, Lead Tin Yellow, Veronese earth, Lapis Lazuli, bone black and Madder lake – to name just a few of the rare pigments – are at home in the Kremer Color mill before they are sent into the wide world on land, water and air. Restorers, artists, violin makers, artisans belong to the international clientèle of Kremer Pigmente. In 1977 Chemist George Kremer founded his company, which since that time has become the first address for historical pigments and mediums.

Starting as a sideline of his study of chemistry, it became quickly apparent that the production and distribution of historic pigments found enthusiastic customers. No matter whether it is the restoration frescoes from the 17th Century on a church ceiling in Switzerland, or the desire of an artist for a special kind of red, yellow, blue or green, Dr. Kremer made it his task to find the desired hue, to obtain the special pigment, or to search for natural occurrences of the mineral and produce the pigment from it.

In 1984 the company moved from Rottenburg / Neckar to Aichstetten/ Allgäu. By the purchase of a flour mill from the 18th Century Kremer Pigmente united the production, distribution and administration under one roof.

The number of employees grew steadily. There are now over 30 employees in Aichstetten, busy to produce rarities such as Lapis Lazuli, according to old recipes, to fill small bags ready for shipping out of big pigment containers, and counseling customers.

Kremer owned shops are now in Munich and New York. More than 80 artist material stores in Germany and around the world offer a range of Kremer Pigmente products.

Today Kremer Pigmente has become an international leader in the field of pigments for restoration and art painting, and Dr. Kremer is still on the lookout for the true pigments and mediums of the Old Masters.