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Wall Paint

These solvent-free, water-soluble wall paints are obtained from natural raw materials and are available in eight different shades. Our raw materials and pigments are processed observing highest quality standards and create silk-matt and high-coverage paint. The wall paint is fast drying, diffusible, breathable and conditionally abrasion resistant. It can be used on all interior wall surfaces (the application of a transparent binder might be necessary). The raw pigments are natural earths, historical cobalt pigments and carbonic pigments. These pigments are characterized by their very high light fastness and their compatibility with almost all binders. Further information regarding the product can be found at www.kremer-paints.com.

19900 Wall Paint Basis

For priming - dilution with 2 parts of water.


19901 Wall Paint - French Ochre light-yellow

This light french Ochre results in a very warm reserved yellow shade.

19902 Wall Paint - French Ochre, orange

This earth pigment represents a warm but rich orange nuance with a slight hint of red.

19903 Wall Paint - Burnt Umber

This natural earth from Cyprus reminds of chocolate. The shade is very stable and deep, however light and velvety.

19904 Wall Paint - English Red Light

The warm earthy red shade with a nuance from orange originating from a mixture of different burnt earths.

19905 Wall Paint - Bottle Green

This black-green cobalt pigment, similar to a pine green, impresses through its depth effect in the green range.

19906 Wall Paint - Lagoon Blue

An intense and captivating blue shade creating a sense of 3D-depth.

19907 Wall Paint - Gray from Burgundy

This gray shade is characterized by its reserved elegance. Minimalistic and modern puristic.

19908 Wall Paint - Raw Umber brown

A soft loamy umber nuance, light and clear, like all earths from Cyprus.