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Colors of nature

These pictures show natural objects together with our pigments. The color comparison allows a better perception of the pigment colors. The photos can also be used to adjust the settings of your computer monitor.

The pictures were taken by Monika Titelius in 2008. Like all of the contents on this website the photos are subject to our copyright.

Lapis production

Picture Gallery: “Fra Angelico blue”, the most precious pigment in the world, is made from lapis lazuli according to an old formulation.

XSL-Pigments, watersoluble

YouTube Video: Demonstration of our line of water-soluble pigments.


A group of pigments which are easily soluble in water.

Thanks to a special treatment with dispersing agents. The pigments can easily be stirred into water, and the particles will be perfectly dispersed, similar to color concentrates. The color intensity is reached easily and quickly.

Further Information


Crash Course - Oils

YouTube video: ... Instructors like to talk about historical facts about processes and provide recipes with precise ratios to achieve an ideal medium or paint. ...

Colorful regards,

Roger Danilo Carmona
General Manager Kremer Pigments NYC, MFA, Bard College - Milton Avery School of Art, artist, teacher of raw materials and techniques.

KP Lecture Series: 

YouTube Video: Michael Price discussing his newly released two-volume book: "Renaissance Mysteries".

Lecture took place on 6.10.17

at Kremer Pigments, New York City.