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Pigment Suitability Lists

These lists help you to find the suitable medium for every pigment.

Liste compatibilité des pigments en français

General Pigment Suitability List in English

These general lists of all pigments are valid for Oil, Acrylics, Tempera, Watercolor / Gouache, Lime / Fresco, Cement / Tadelakt and Potassium Silicate.

Single Pigment Lists, suitable for

→ Ceramics
If not indicated otherwise, these pigments are stable for temperatures up to 1000 °C.

→ Violin Varnishes and Wood Surfaces
This list has especially been compiled for violin makers. Beside pigments, this list also contains dyes, polishing powders, natural resins, balsams, oils and other products.

→ Cement and Tadelakt
Pigments suitable for lime often proved not stable enough for Tadelakt.

→ Epoxy Resins
Pigments suitable for use with epoxy resins.

→ Silicate
Pigments for silicate dispersions.

→ Fresco
Pigments for fresco painting, lime wash and gypsum.

→ Encaustic
Pigments suitable for encaustic. For encaustic, pigments are melted into wax or a wax-resin-mixture.

Informations complémentaires

Matériaux pour le revêtement de surface d'instruments

Depuis des temps immémoriaux, la nature a fourni des matériaux facilement accessibles qui peuvent être utilisés pour améliorer et préserver le bois.

Matériaux pour le revêtement de surface d'instruments - Laque de garance - Vernis à l'huile pour la fabrication d'instruments - Cremona Musica - Special Edition.

Wall Paint made of pure pigments

These solvent-free, water-soluble wall paints are obtained from natural raw materials and are available in eight different shades. Our raw materials and pigments are processed observing highest quality standards and create silk-matt and high-coverage paint. The wall paint is fast drying, diffusible, breathable and conditionally abrasion resistant. It can be used on all interior wall surfaces (the application of a transparent binder might be necessary). The raw pigments are natural earths, historical cobalt pigments and carbonic pigments. These pigments are characterized by their very high light fastness and their compatibility with almost all binders.


We definitely recommend tests prior to the final application, we cannot guarantee for any instructions given.