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More than colours

More than colours” is an interactive interdisciplinary exhibition for children, families and educational institutions about the world of colours. 

In different hands on stations you can find out why and how we see colours and why they are so important in our everyday life.

For more information please visit www.wissenswertwelt.at


Permanent exhibition MATERIAL ARCHIV

In the Gewerbemuseum Winterthur.

L’ARCHIVIO MATERIALI, composto di diverse collezioni di materiali e di una banca dati online, offre accesso ad ampie e approfondite conoscenze e a una vasta gamma di campioni di materiali. Professionisti creativi – ad esempio architetti, disegnatori o artisti – come pure studenti e apprendisti trovano qui una grande quantità di informazioni su materiali tradizionali e innovativi. Diverse istituzioni degli ambiti dell’arte visiva e dell’arte applicata si sono collegate in rete tra di loro per creare l’ARCHIVIO MATERIALI, che nel corso dei prossimi anni sarà costantemente ampliato e allargato.

 The Gewerbemuseum’s specimen materials collection, which was set up in 2001, is being expanded and updated. It now includes a database and a comprehensive exhibition featuring examples of how the materials can be used in applications, design and construction, together with work stations and hands-on learning facilities. It offers a rich spectrum of detailed information for colleges and specialists in all fields of design. An RFID scanner automatically links the specimen materials with the information contained in the database, so that the appearance and properties of the materials on display can be examined and compared. A specialist library and a selection of films are also available.