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Kremer Pigmente offers Raw Materials for Art & Conservation, historic and modern pigments, mediums, binders, dyes, vegetable color paints, oils, brushes, tools, linen, books and many more.
Take a trip through the colored pages and explore the forgotten treasures of the old masters.

“The purity of color truly resonates when the traditional qualities and integrity of a pigment are considered as they relate to other materials in a composition.” 
(Dr. Georg Kremer)

Discover the variety of the individual products and immerse yourself in the world of Kremer Pigmente!
Just download our English Product Catalog 2017 via pdf.
Among many product information you can find lots of helpful knowledge in Chapter 11: Hazard Warnings, Recipes or Suitability of Pigments. → Further Catalogs

Or you can order a free printed catalogue via info@kremer-pigmente.com.

We present new pigments, gilding products and more highlights in the field of oil, varnish and dye in our category "New Products".

New Watercolor Sets!
Kremer watercolors are produced following historic recipes and are all handmade in Germany. The use of selected pure pigments both modern and historic as well as natural traditional binding media ensures unique luminous quality. The fabrication of each watercolor pan requires diligence and time since they are filled layer by layer and need to be left to dry in between.

Kremer Watercolor Set Wiener Maler - Small (#881039)
14 watercolors in half pans

Watercolor Set Pearl Luster - Small (#881043)
8 full pans

The Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book has been awarded the 1st place of the "Creative Impulse Award 2019".
"And the winner is ...", so it was said Saturday, January 26, at the award ceremony of the "Oscars“ of the hobby, creative and art supplies industry at Creativeworld, the leading international fair for the creative market. For the 14th time, Messe Frankfurt awarded this renowned prize in cooperation with the trade magazine HobbyArt.
Kremer Pigmente is pleased to announce the first prize in the category "Creative Book of the Year" with the submission of the "Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book".

With the recipes, the reader gets a guide to the hand, with which he can make a color himself according to his individual needs. The Recipe Book helps to find the suitable pigments and materials for specific application! The 37 recipes are divided into the following categories: water color, tempera, acrylic paint, wall paint, oil paint and oil varnish, as well as other pigment applications.
Our Kremer Pigmente Recipe Book is available with order number #992101.

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